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Forex trading using volume price analysis

forex trading by Anna Coulling

Forex Trading Using Volume Price Analysis The forex market is perhaps the most complex of all the four principle capital markets. So it is little wonder so many traders struggle to achieve longer term consistency, and profitability in this most challenging of markets. And indeed...

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Forex for beginners

forex for beginners anna coulling

Forex for beginners There are of course many books about forex trading. What is different about this book, is the focus on those aspects of trading which I believe are fundamental. After all, there are only two questions we need to answer when considering a...

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Profit from Currency Strength & Weakness

As forex traders our sole goal is to profit from a currency’s strength or weakness.  In other words, we look to buy when a currency is oversold and sell when a currency is overbought.  Unfortunately, one of the difficulties many new forex traders have is...

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Forex Analysis 4th May 2012 – AussieDollar

Despite a lack of meaningful fundamental news and a holiday in the UK, forex markets have provided some positive trades today in particular in the Australian and Canadian dollars which have both strengthened against the US dollar.   The moves in these “commodity dollars” has...

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A simple low risk forex trading signal

GBP vs USD daily chart

If forex trading can be defined in any way, it can be said to be the process of trading and managing risk. This is something many new traders find difficult to understand but perhaps one simple way to explain it is by looking at a candle pattern which, in...

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Dollar yen now looking bearish

Following the Japanese earthquake in mid March where the dollar yen promptly sold off sharply, before G7 intervention managed to send the pair back to the 86 level, since then the dollar yen has been on a downwards slide back towards the 80 level where we have seen an...

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Dollar index approaches key technical level

Following two months of sideways consolidation the dollar index is now approaching a key technical level on both the daily and weekly charts, and coupled with various other signals the next few days could dictate the future direction for the dollar and consequently the major currency pairs during...

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